Ellilta Products Cotton Scarf Collection

each design in our 'because of you' scarf collection captures and holds the story of a woman who was once at risk but now has a new path because of you.





100% cotton

care instructions

dry clean only


Ethiopia has always been known for its rich production of textiles. We carry on that tradition by creating quality handmade products that are not only beautiful but a vehicle for social change.

From seed to scarf, we carefully select our products and the materials in them to highlight the beauty found within the land of Ethiopia. For 1000s of years, artisans have produced exquisite handmade products.


We believe in:



Our passion is to see women able to obtain employment that is meaningful and provides the income needed to sustain their families. The work we do is more than just a means of surviving, it is an opportunity to thrive.



Since the beginning, 100% of the profits of Ellilta Products have been given to Women at Riska local NGO, to assist women as they find gainful job opportunities after leaving a life of prostitution.



People are our priority. Seeing others embrace their identity and see their potential while enriching their lives: physically, emotionally, and socially is why we exist.